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Sunday, June 24, 2007


It has been almost a full week since coming back from Bonnaroo and cohesive thoughts are finally making their way back to the frontal lobes.

Four days of concerts, Spam sandwiches, heat, substances, dust, sleeplessness, hot dust, crowds, dusty heat, hippies, bastards in air conditioned R.Vs., a distinctly warm and particle-heavy atmosphere, lines, sweat, Canadians, dehydration (possible caused by heat and dust), and more fun than you can shake a dusty burning stick at.

I wont’t bore you with detail, mostly because a great many of them are forgotten or never really registered at the time, but I do recall truly enjoying these shows:

Rodrigo y Gabriela (who are coming to the 9:30 club at some point)


The White Stripes

Hot Chip

Brazilian Girls

Medeski, Martin and Wood

Gillian Welsh

Manu Chao


Railroad Earth


And then there was The Police. While it was not the best show of the festival by a long shot, it was incredible to be able to witness an event that I had waited nearly twenty years for.

At this point, I should say a big hello to our ‘roo camping neighbors Joanna and Ken, whose foresight and shade-production skills quite possibly saved our lives. And they did their best not to look horrified by our shameful behavior. Happy St. Jean to the both of ya.

I could comment on the pictures posted here, but I think that most are self-explanatory. For more shots, go and visit Will’s blog at

I promise to put up a Port-au-Prince update soon, until then, I’d love to hear from all of ya’ll.



Blogger Timothy said...

Nice. Glad you dug the 'Roo. I remember thinking in retrospect after Roo 1 that had one of my camping mates not brought a canopy I would have died. So. Amazingly. Hot.

It also wasn't a good idea for us to start out the first day by shotgunning beers as soon as we'd set up. But, waiting in line for about 9 hours to get in will do that to you. You can imagine what a clusterf#$k it was that first year.

Take care!

8:19 AM  
Blogger Guillaume said...


Bravo, une belle bande de baskouks

Max attention à la ceinture d'abdo Kronenbourg

4:43 AM  

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