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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It’s America’s Birthday! (And I’m not invited)

Happy 4th of July everybody. I hope that all of you (at least those living in or working for the USA) are enjoying our national holiday. Because I am not. As a matter of fact, I am currently at my desk sweating away another torrid PAP morning (our air conditioning is on the fritz). So in order to retaliate against this terrible injustice (I mean, shouldn’t everyone get off work on the Independence Day of the world’s only remaining superpower?), I will spend a good part of said non-holiday writing about pointless and trivial happenings (and abusing parentheses).
Speaking of the Fourth, the American Embassy, in an effort to better embody the policies of Washington, is not inviting the public to its celebration. Even resident US citizens are not welcome unless they are on some secret list. That said, there will be barbecues and parties all around the city tonight for those not invited by Uncle Sam.

Anyway, since coming back from Bonnaroo, I have been busy traveling to the North of the country where absolutely nothing remarkable happened, save for being fleeced by a priest and being forced to eat quite possibly the foulest dish in the Western Hemisphere, parts of which are known to enjoy Ambrosia fruit salad. That would be bouillie, a glooppy mix of flour sugar and water which tastes much, much worse than the sum of its ingredients.

Fun with other expats continues to be had, though parts of social life here resembles a very bad (or very good, is there a difference?) soap opera. It’s only a matter of time until a man with an eyepatch and a long-lost twin start showing up.

In blog-related news, I am happy to announce that I have successfully mated my new cell phone to my computer, which will allow me to post more pics on this space. For example, here are a couple of shots of PAP traffic, which is very similar to that of most dense urban areas, save for the presence of UN armored personnel carriers (though the folks behind the Hummer might have other plans). There’s also a shot of my friends Brian and Anne from the Netherlands, as well as a couple of leftover ‘roo pics (last two shots). I tried to send some of you the one of the burned out weirdo by text message as my “Greetings from Bonnaroo” gesture, but I don’t think that anyone actually received it.

Well, since I’m sure that unfocused, half-assed posts such as this one are bound to further deplete my shallow pool of readers, I will wrap up and wish you all a great time tonight.


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